Our core activity is building and testing special-purpose equipment and prototypes.

"All creative people want to do to the unexpected"

Hedy Lamarr - Actress and inventor of Spread Spectrum communications systems

Design Specification

Following on from establishing confidentiality and searching for patents and products the next step is to agree with the client a list of required features of the device. These are divided into essential and preferred features.

Initially, we do not necessarily create engineering drawings. The reason is that as soon as we begin making the prototype or special-purpose device we will soon come up against a problem or technical issue of some kind and we will need to adapt what we were doing to accommodate this and as soon as we do the drawings would be rendered obsolete.

Instead, we work to the agreed design specification which allows some flexibility in order to create a prototype / special-purpose apparatus.

So the initial design approach is very much a part of the creation of the first working version.

This can then be tested and if necessary modified. It is essential to get the basic function right before moving towards product design. (This is covered a little more under Prototyping)

Later our product designer can redesign it into its final form.