We are a well established small family enterprise.

Below are our staff members who are willing to help.

Ian Coker B.Eng (Hons)., M.Sc

-Managing Director

-Project management

-CAD design

-Research and testing engineering

-Report writing

Ian started his career in natural resources engineering and has worked on a number of high profile projects in the UK and overseas.

Examples include:

The development of an aerial camera mount system which was used successfully In South America (Bolivia and Guyana).

The development of technology to record experimental data for bulk solids handling test equipment (Scotland).

He started the company in 2000*. (*‘The Inventions Factory®’ is a trading name of PES Ltd which was incorporated in 2000 in the UK).

Ian discusses project requirements with clients, plans and manages projects, liases with suppliers and sub-contractors and designs the components. He also assembles and tests the prototypes and writes the project reports.

Doris Coker B.Ed., B.Sc (Hons)

-Company secretary

-Client data management

Doris manages our customer relationship management system (Zoho CRM).

When a new client first approaches us their details are entered into our encrypted cloud based system. This ensures that the data are safe and secure.

We have been using the Zoho system since 2011 (with zero data or security breaches) and over the last year or so Doris has revised and streamlined the way we manage the data and how we communicate with our clients and prospective clients.

Doris is a German national (fully bilingual in German and English and capable in Spanish). She has a wide background and experience in many fields. Doris has worked in Germany, Scotland England and Bolivia.

Silas Coker

-IT / programming

-Patent & product searching

-Component sourcing and procurement

-Internet security

Silas is a talented computer programmer and can programme in Python, C, Haskell and others. He created our in-house patent searching software and often helps to increase efficiency by writing software that streamlines the way we do things.

A recent example is that he created a simple ‘script’ to enable us to label and insert multiple images into project reports saving time and money (costs savings that are passed on to the client).

Some years ago Silas converted the business from Microsoft Windows to Linux Ubuntu. This operating system is far less vulnerable to internet attacks and Silas has put a number of back-up and security features in place to protect our data.

He is also fluent in Russian, German (and English) and competent in Mandarin Chinese and French.