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Roofer Doofer - Your roofing buddy

The Roofer Doofer allows you to support your roofing buckets and tackle on pitched roofs, removing the risk of them falling. This gives the roofer more freedom to work with both hands - improving safety, posture and convenience.

Wheel Eazy - Wheel fitting and alignment tool

designed to assist with the lifting and locating of road wheels on to vehicle hubs and is intended to be used where there is no access to a vehicle lift, such as by the roadside.

Smart Fence- protection for grass verges and private land

This low level modular garden border is designed with aesthetics in mind. Featuring an attractive picket fence design. With an innovative built in vehicle attack defence, to prevent motorists causing damage to private land, verges and borders.

HandleStay-Door Handle Stay Hook for Doors that open onto walls

Easy latching door hook - latches your door in the open position as you open it. To release the door, simply turn the handle and close.

Gate Box - The secure parcel delivery solution

This innovative parcel delivery box provides a secure delivery and storage system that can be easily mounted on the inside of your property fence or garden gate keeping it safely hidden away and accessible only from inside your property perimeter.

Techno-Saurus 3D printing Kit

A complete kit to 3D print and build your own robot dinosaur!

Metal detecting shovel hooks

A universal hook which enables you to carry your shovel hands free while metal detecting


Provides the ultimate workout platform designed specifically for team and group fitness

Neo Slip

A multi award winning, low friction pouch to aid in the application of anti-DVT stockings


A face mask with a removable telescopic handle