Research and Patent Search

Patent Search

There is no point in investing in a supposedly new idea if, in fact, it is not new.

On the other hand, it is often not necessary to invest a lot of money in a full patent search initially.

Often an idea can be found relatively quickly and this enables you to take the decision not to proceed further.

Preliminary Feasibility study

Our Preliminary Feasibility Study service is a product and patent search for relevant published materials. We run these concurrently and they tend to ‘dovetail’ together.

A company that manufactures a relevant (but not identical) product may well have taken out patents that are similar to your own project. In the same way, a company -or individual- with relevant patents may have set up a business to manufacture these. As long as the data is published there is a good chance we can find it. If we can’t find anything then this enables you to move on to the next stages.

Other research

We have other research expertise and can source suppliers, research papers and specialists.

Research for licensing

We can research companies that can be approached. We use a commercial database that provides data such as:

  • Business turnover
  • When incorporated
  • Names of shareholders and directors
  • Credit rating
  • Do they owe money?
  • Have they any CCJs against them?
  • Ownership structure (who owns them?)
  • Business interests of the directors and shareholders

This data can be very helpful when you want to know if a company might be worth approaching.

Research for manufacturing

We can undertake research into the best way to manufacture your product and what the costs are likely to be.

Business research

Do you have a business idea but you don’t know how to check if it is really viable?

As part of your business planning, you will need to acquire relevant data to support your proposals. We can help with this. We have been undertaking research for many years and can source essential details for you. This can be information about products or patents, businesses or research results.

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